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We'll email you articles, book chapters, and more free of charge.

If we own it in print, we can scan it for you. If we don't own it, we'll request it from another library. 

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Book, film, or other item

Item is: How to get it:
In our libraries

Request through express retrieval. Select the "Request this Item" button in the search results and we'll pull it from our shelves and place it on hold for you.

We can also mail books and other library materials to distance students and faculty for free. Request a book by mail.


Request it by selecting "Request this Item" in the search results. We'll notify you when it is ready to pick up (within 21 days).

You can also submit an interlibrary loan request for the item.

Not on the shelf Ask for help at any of our Ask Us desks. We can search for it and notify you when we find it.
Something we don't own

Request an interlibrary loan and we'll try to get it from another library.

Request a purchase if you think we should add it to our permanent collection.

Streaming video (instructors only)

If you would like to show a film in your class, whether it's one we already own or need to buy, we can investigate streaming options. Learn more about video streaming.

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Distance students & faculty 

We can ship library items for free to UA faculty, staff, and students who reside more than 30 miles from the University. Be sure to enter your mailing address and choose "Home delivery" as your pickup location before requesting materials.

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