Main Library building hours extended for finals

Main Library is open 24/7 for finals starting Saturday, Nov. 27, 11am through Friday, Dec. 17, 6pm. See our holiday and winter break schedule. Learn more.

For library employees

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Get information

Responding to COVID-19 (employees only)
SharePoint intranet site on library policies, re-opening details, and more.

Box (employees only)
Where we store our shared files.

Confluence (employees only)
Intranet site accessible if you have VPN.

Vernacular Glossary (employees only)
A-Z list of library acronyms and terms and their meanings. Managed by Alex Franz

Get help

Helpline (employees only)
Report technical or facilities issues and request support services.
Report access issues or problems with our electronic resources.

Manage content

Content principles
How we approach writing content. Includes our voice and tone, a list of words to avoid, and examples.

Content style guide
An A-Z list of word usage.

Creating & editing web content
How-to instructions on editing our main University Libraries website in Drupal.

Creating & editing LibGuides
Guide for LibGuides. Contact Nicole Hennig with any LibGuides questions.

Assigned content managers (employees only)
List of who is responsible for what content on the library website and beyond. Managed by Kenya Johnson.