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Library Instruction

Learn about our approach to Information Literacy.

Our approach to information literacy allows us to teach students the "why" instead of only the "how," and it helps them think of themselves as creators and participants in scholarly communications. The framework also addresses competencies that students need to develop in order to become skillful researchers.

Tutorials & assignments for your students

For new students: Tutorials: Information Literacy

Tutorials on information literacy

Supplement these tutorials with Assignments you can use in your classroom (PDFs).


More tutorials and instruction

Learn to search specific databases and tools: Step-by-step tutorials

Help your students use primary sources: Class instruction: Special Collections

Collaborate with us on your instruction needs

Find the librarian for your college or department.

We can work with you to:

  • Develop research assignments, class activities, and learning objects
  • Create assessments for student learning
  • Customize the library tools available from your D2L course site
  • Create course guides to help students understand the research process and complete assignments

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Find & use course materials

Read tips for finding course materials, accessing content online, linking to library resources, shortening URLs, and customizing D2L's Library Tools.

Books, ebooks, book chapters, & articles


Images - Best practices for use

Showing films in UA classes

Showing films on campus (outside of the classroom)

Want to show short clips instead of entire films?

Copyright & fair use

Tutorial: Fair use & copyright in instruction

Fair use & copyright in instruction

Use our spaces

Would you like to reserve a room at the library?
Request a meeting or instruction room

Do you need a place to record course lectures?
Use our Learning Studio to record course lectures.
Room B254, Catalyst Studios,  Main Library.

Learning studio

Using the Learning Studio for Lecture Capture (tutorial)
Using this room instead of your own office or home has some advantages.

  • The noise-cancelling microphone has excellent sound quality. You can move around in the room and the quality will not change.
  • The ceiling-mounted camera has multiple viewing angles and you can control where the camera points.
  • You can zoom the camera into various locations of the room, such as a whiteboard.
  • You can use the attached document camera to display a physical object, a rare book, or just about anything – to make it show up in your video.

Reserve the Learning Studio: Request a meeting or instruction room

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