Open Access Publishing Fund

We want to increase impact and raise awareness of the world-class research that comes out of the university. Because of our commitment to this cause, we have a dedicated fund to cover author fees for publishing in open access journals.

This program is sponsored by the University Libraries.

How does it work?

The fund is for UA faculty, researchers, staff, post-docs, and students publishing a peer-reviewed article within an open access journal. The journal must:

Once your article has been accepted for publication, apply online. You cannot have other funding already covering your fees (e.g. grants, contracts, gifts). 

How much is available?

The fund covers author charges up to $3,000 per article (when available). If the article is written with authors from other institutions, funding is prorated to cover UA authors only. We may make an exception if the primary author is from the UA.

How do I apply?

Once your article has been accepted for publication, apply online. A faculty advisory board reviews and determines awards.

It is expected that articles funded in part or in full from this fund will be deposited in the UA Campus Repository.


Contact us at if you have questions or need help applying.