Overdue & lost materials

Customer getting help at our Ask Us desk

Did you receive a charge for an overdue or lost library item? Don't panic! We can work with you to resolve most billing or fee issues at any Ask Us desk.

You can't borrow items if your late fees reach $5 or if you have overdue recalled or interlibrary loan items. Once you pay your balance, you can check things out again.

Pay your fees


  1. Sign into your library account
  2. Select the "$ in unpaid fines and bills"
  3. Select "pay online"
  4. Enter your credit card information

Bursar's account

Library charges are transferred to your Bursar's account each month and will no longer show on your library account. Once this happens, you can pay through UAccess Student or call the Bursar's office at (520) 621-3232.


Call us at (520) 621-6442 or visit Ask Us on the first floor of the Main Library.

Late fees

We charge fees for late items so that we can ensure continued access to library materials. You can usually eliminate or reduce late fees by returning the item.

Item type Fee
Recalled items $1.00 / day until billed for replacement at 15 days overdue
Equipment and quiet study room keys $1.00 / hour until billed for replacement at 24 hours overdue
Interlibrary loan items Billed for replacement at 10 days overdue
Books, bound journals, government documents, maps, media materials Billed for replacement at 22 days overdue
Videos/DVDs, CDs, music phonodiscs, music collected works $1.00 / day until billed for replacement at 6 days overdue

Lost or damaged items

Did you lose or damage something from the library? Contact us as soon possible and we can explain your options.

We typically charge the cost to replace the item and processing fees. These fees are waived (except a billing fee) if you return the item in working order.

Item type Replacement cost Processing fee Billing fee Total charge
Books, media, maps, journals $75 $40 $25 $140
Equipment accessories & room keys $100 $40 $25 $165
Equipment Varies
(up to $2,500)
$75 $35 Up to $2,610

Contact us

If you have any questions or problems with your library account, come talk to us at any Ask Us desk or call (520) 621-6442.

You can also contact library billing staff to request a credit for returned items or ask us to review your account.