Measure your impact

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The world of digital identity and scholarship is a moving target. Use our resources or get in touch with your librarian to explore ways to track the impact of your research.

Explore types of impact

Bibliometrics are statistics used to measure the impact of authors, articles, and publications. They are often looked at for promotion, tenure, and grant funding. Learn more about ways to measure:

Also, learn about Altmetrics - alternative, new ways to measure your impact in today's connected digital world.

Things to keep in mind

Metrics are only one of the quantitative indicators that may be used to determine research impact. Others may include: 

  • publication counts
  • amount of research income
  • number of PhD students
  • size of research group
  • number of PI projects
  • number of patents and licenses obtained

Be aware of some caveats with bibliometrics:

  • seminal research is often taken for granted and not cited
  • negative citations - those critical of a work - are counted as valid citations
  • bibliometric tools only gather data from the journals they index
  • the system can be manipulated by means such as
    • self-citation
    • multiple authorship
    • splitting outputs into many articles and publishing in journals favoring highly-cited review articles
    • "buying" Tweets, likes, and mentions