Innovative Learning Spaces

Help us renovate and re-imagine the library.

Students come to our campus libraries in droves – more than 2 million visits each year to ask questions, find answers, connect with peers, and get things done.

For many students, the library is their first office – a place where they learn how to work, generate and test new ideas, collaborate across academic disciplines, and meet deadlines – all skills that get them real-world ready.

Of course, the way students use the library today is dramatically different than it was decades ago. Technology is ubiquitous. Learning is 24/7. Collaboration is key. Spaces must be flexible.

The design and use of learning spaces impacts today’s focus on active learning experiences that occur beyond the classroom.

Join us in re-imagining our campus libraries as dynamic and technology-rich environments that create boundless opportunities for students to succeed today and be ready for what comes their way tomorrow.

Initiatives already underway include:

Your gift will benefit UA students and faculty by creating innovative learning spaces in the University Libraries.