Connecting to library resources

When working on campus, you should be able to seamlessly connect to library databases, ejournals, and other resources. If you are off campus, you'll be prompted to enter your NetID and password to gain access.

If you have trouble connecting try these troubleshooting tips or contact us.

UA only

Most of our databases are limited to UA students, faculty, and staff. If you aren't a UA affiliate come to the library to use this resource.

Virtual Private Network

Many of our databases do not work when using the UA VPN. Use your NetID and password to access the resource from off campus instead.

Maximum users

Some resources have a maximum number of users that can access the resource at one time. This is especially true with ebooks. Wait a few minutes and try to access the resource again.

NetID problems

You won't be able to access resources from off campus if you forgotten your NetID/password or your NetID has been blocked. Contact campus IT if you have NetID questions.

User ID and password requested

You might be asked for a user ID/password (not your NetID) if you try and go to a database directly rather than through the library website. Access the resource from our database list to be properly authenticated with your NetID.

Health Sciences affiliates

UA Health Sciences clinical faculty and Banner employees that are considered UA designated campus colleagues (DCC) can access most UA-licensed information resources by signing in with your UA NetID. If you don't have a UA NetID, create one at UA NetID.

Banner employees that are not DCC affiliates can access UA-licensed resources within the Health Sciences Library and other library locations. Banner-licensed resources are also available at the Banner-UMC locations and via the Banner intranet. See services for Banner employees.

Proxy or web accelerator

You may have trouble accessing library databases if your browser is configured to use a proxy server that isn't on the UA campus, or if you've installed a web accelerator. These can cause you to appear off campus, even when using the campus VPN. Try disabling web accelerator or the use of proxy servers.


Your browser must accept cookies to connect to library databases in order to identify you as a valid user. Be sure your browser supports cookies and is enabled to accept them.

For some databases you may need to set your browser to accept third party cookies (in the advanced settings) or add to the sites that are always allowed to set cookies.

UA wireless systems

When accessing WiFi on campus, be sure to select UAWiFi. UAGuest WiFi is open to the public, but will not allow you to access most library databases.


JavaScript is required by many library databases. Be sure your browser has JavaScript enabled.

Pop-up blockers

Some databases create pop-up windows to display articles. If your browser or firewall blocks these pop-ups you won't be able to see the article you requested. Enable pop-ups in your browser.

Adobe Flash

A few databases require Adobe Flash Player to stream video or open image files. Make sure your browser has Adobe Flash enabled and/or download the latest version from Adobe.


You may not be able to search library databases using EndNote software. Go to directly to the database you want to search instead and then export citations to EndNote.

Secure connections

A secure connection (SSL) is required to sign in to databases from off-campus. Configure your browser to use SSL.

Emailed or bookmarked URLs

Some databases will allow you to copy, email, or bookmark the URL to an article. These URLs usually only work when accessed from the campus network. Copy and paste the URL into our proxy form to get a link that should work.

System date

You may not be able to connect to some databases if your computer's date is set incorrectly. Set the date on your computer to the current date.