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Starting August 2, the Main Library and Weaver Library will be open to everyone, including the public. We're looking forward to seeing you. Check out our plans.

Virtual Reality Studio (reopens August 23)

Student using VR equipment

The Terry Seligman VR Studio is the University of Arizona’s first public virtual reality studio.

A frontier in research, learning, and multimedia production, the studio is widely available for students, faculty, and staff.

What is it?

We use the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, two of the most advanced VR headsets available today. We invite you to put on a comfortable headset, grab your hand controllers and interact with the most immersive virtual spaces and environments, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

What do I do there?

You can choose from using the HTC Vive (standing/sitting) or Oculus Rift (sitting) which will enable you to move around virtual space in real time. There are many different experiences to choose from and you can play any game or experience that we have purchased or acquired.

You also have access to standalone headsets like Oculus Go, interactive controllers such as the LeapMotion for wireless interaction with software, and several Google Cardboard viewers for head tracking 360 video and other applications.

VR Studio reservations are for self-directed activities, but our staff is available to help setup or troubleshoot the equipment.

Stations are available for reservation Sunday through Friday.

If you would like a tour or instruction related session with our VR equipment, please contact us.

Equipment list:

How to access

The studio is first come first served, with sign-up for times to use the equipment Sunday through Friday.

Researchers and students working on class projects, please contact us to reserve extended time.

Located at:  Main Library