Submit a 3D printing request

Be sure to review the information on the FAQ page before you upload your model. You can upload multiple files as part of one project. If you are interested in using one of our specialty filaments, please contact us at before submitting your request and we will help you determine the best material for your project.

About you
16-digit number. Leave blank if not affiliated with UA.
About your project
Your object will be printed at the size specified in your file (maximum size 200 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm). If you designed your object in inches, be sure to convert to millimeters.
Files must be less than 60 MB.
Allowed file types: stl.
Default resolution is .19 mm, with "low" infill.
3D printing at the Health Sciences Library is for UA affiliates and Banner employees only. Everyone can use 3D printing at the Weaver Science-Engineering Library.
Tell us your story
Let us know more about your project and you may be eligible for discounted printing rates.
Provide a URL if possible.
The fine print
We may take photos of your object or archive the file for use in marketing, publications, or sharing with others. Please let us know if this presents any issues.
If you would like to use a departmental account to pay for this job, please enter both the account and sub-account information into this box.