Responding to COVID-19

Chat and email with us daily! Mon-Thu 7am-9pm, Fri 7am-7pm, Sat 11am-6pm, and Sun 11am-9pm. We’re resuming limited services in the Main Library lobby, and the Health Sciences library is open to Health Sciences affiliates. Learn more about access during COVID-19.

Terms of use for assigned rooms & lockers

Unused rooms: We reserve the right to reassign unused rooms or lockers. We'll notify you by email one month prior to reassignment.

Expiration date: Be sure to remove all belongings before your expiration date. We'll email you a reminder one month in advance. Items left in the room will be removed and the door code changed to accommodate other students and faculty.

Valuables: Do not store valuables in rooms/lockers. The Libraries and University assume no responsibility for lost or stolen materials.

Library materials: All library materials stored in your room or locker must be checked out to you. You may not keep non-circulating or "Library Use Only" materials. We may check rooms and lockers periodically – if we find library materials that aren't checked out, you may lose your privileges.

Windows: Door windows cannot be covered. We must be able to visually check each room when the library closes. Rooms and lockers are only available for use during open hours.

Food and drink: Food and drink stored in lockers/rooms must be contained and sealed. Do not keep perishable items or open food/drink containers. 

Key codes: Assignments are confidential. We will not direct others to your room. Keypad codes should not be shared. Contact us Monday-Friday 8am-4pm with questions about your code. Library staff at Ask Us desks do not have access to this information.

Code of conduct: All users must follow the library code of conduct.