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Instructions for ChemDraw installation on personal devices (available with campus subscription of ChemOffice+ Cloud)
All UA students and faculty need to register and sign in with their campus email address at the PerkinElmer site. Chem3D 20 and ChemDraw 20 can be installed on both Windows & Mac OS platforms.

  1. Returning members, log into the PerkinElmer membership link to renew/update/activate to the next version with your campus email address. Then follow Step 3 a - b to find your activation code.
  2. First-time members, go to the PerkinElmer registration site.
    • Find/type "University of Arizona" and register for the desired product with your name and campus email address.
    • If unsure which product, choose "Access PerkinElmer Cloud Applications".
    • At bottom of the page, under the tab "Latest Version", click "ChemOffice+ Cloud".
    • Choose the installer for your device, download and install.
    • If the installer prompts for activation, ignore the box asking for a serial number. Instead, find the box under "Activate by Email/Phone/Fax".
  3. To find your personal activation code, go back to your PerkinElmer site, and click “Order History” on the left side of page.
    1. Click on the top link for the latest version of ChemOffice+ (e.g. ORD304664SL).
    2. Find, copy and paste the activation code on the right side.

Contact PerkinElmer support for downloading issues or using the software.