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Chem3D, ChemDraw 19


Since 2006, the University of Arizona Library has provided the free academic site license of ChemOffice Professional (ChemDraw/Chem3D) for students and faculty.
Note: Uninstall previous versions of ChemOffice before installing ChemDraw or Chem3D 19 to avoid license activation issues.
Instructions for ChemOffice 19
All UA students and faculty need to sign in with their campus email address at the PerkinElmer site.

  1. First-time members, please fill out the PerkinElmer form with your name, address, and campus email address. Returning members can skip to Step 4. below.
  2. After registration, download and install the software. Keep the browser site open for your activation code.
  3. When the software prompts for activation, ignore the box asking for a serial number. Instead, find the box under “Activate by Email/Phone/Fax”:
    1. Go back to your browser, and click the “Order History” tab on the left navigation pane.
    2. Click on your Order Number link (at the top if the list if you are a returning member).
    3. Scroll down and find your activation code on the right side.
    4. Copy-and-paste the activation code.
    5. Note, this code will activate both WIN & MAC platforms.
  4. In future, if you need to activate/renew/update your personal ChemDraw or Chem3D license, log into the PerkinElmer membership link with your campus email address. Then follow Step 3.a. to find your activation code.

Contact PerkinElmer support for downloading issues or using the software.