We will be your lab

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We strive to be an interdisciplinary physical and virtual lab that transforms the way people teach, learn, research and work. We are committed to:

Collaborating and experimenting with technology

Fostering collaborative learning communities to experiment with technologies and tools that improve faculty productivity and student success.

  • Implement new teaching, learning, and research environments within the CATalyst Studios, leveraging deep engagement with technology, collaborative work, and active learning.
  • With campus partners, establish a network of technology-rich maker and innovation spaces for students and faculty to create and connect.

Thinking critically

Expanding instructional partnerships that enable students to develop information literacy, digital literacy and critical thinking skills to support lifelong learning.

  • Design a robust suite of regularly-scheduled instructional workshops, working with partners across campus and the community, to support the research and learning of students, instructors and faculty.
  • In partnership with the Office of Digital Learning and leadership of the initiative to re-envision General Education under Pillar 1 of the UA strategic plan, lead the development of digital literacy as a key element of the new General Education curriculum.

Accomplishments thus far

We are making good progress toward this strategic direction. As of December 2019, we have:

  • Made significant progress towards building the Student Success District. See library renovations and what you need to know.
  • Prepared for the opening of CATalyst Studios, hiring staff and organizing a soft opening in Homecoming 2019.
  • Visited innovation spaces inside and outside the UA and built relationships with other institutions and stakeholders.
  • Worked with campus leaders to advance digital literacy within the new General Education curriculum.
  • Collaborated with English 102/108 to consider partnerships in the new Wildcat Core curriculum.