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We will be your champion for diversity

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We strive to be a champion of diversity, social justice and equity in our own organization and in how we work with campus and community colleagues. We are committed to:

Creating welcoming spaces and designing inclusive experiences for all

Creating for our users and ourselves welcoming, respectful and inclusive spaces, services and practices that meet diverse needs.

  • Partner with student centers to understand and address needs of diverse campus populations.
  • Incorporate universal design principles into facilities, technologies and services for people with different needs.

Promoting distinctive, diverse collections

Promoting many viewpoints in the way we collect, manage, and share our distinctive collections for campus and community enrichment.

  • Develop guidelines in partnership with Arizona tribes and campus stakeholders for managing researcher access to archival collections that contain Native American materials. Then, build capacity and structures for the long-term support of these guidelines.
  • Increase discoverability of information about diverse people, organizations, and places important to the history of Tucson and southern Arizona by contributing standardized descriptions to the Library of Congress that can be used by cultural institutions across the world.

Accomplishments thus far

We are making good progress toward this strategic direction. As of August 2020, we have:

  • Been awarded an ODIEX grant and hired two student Peer Information Counselors who are working with the cultural centers on campus.
  • Hosted a series of campus presentations on Inclusive and Accessible Design in collaboration with the Disability Resource Center through Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Fall 2019, posting recordings and slide decks online as a training resource for campus.
  • Presented draft guidelines for access to Native American materials as part of the Indigenous Circle meeting, and finalized the guidelines in Spring 2020.
  • Completed training on standardized descriptions and worked towards name authority records for local and important authors and places.
  • Built an ongoing and sustainable model to continue name authority work.
  • Audited library spaces for accessibility and identified areas of improvement to be incorporated into our master space plan.
  • Researched and incorporated inclusive practices into student and staff recruitment, interviewing, and hiring.