Improve your research skills

Student studying in the stacks

Study smarter. Do better research. (And, maybe, get a better grade.)

Start by taking our introductory tutorial about library search. Or choose one of the popular guides below or browse all tutorials.

Key concepts

Selecting keywords
Choose the right keywords for different research questions.

How to search effectively
Use phrases and combine keywords into search strings to find what you’re looking for. 

Popular vs. scholarly resources
Analyze articles to learn the differences between popular and scholarly sources.

Using databases 

Searching Academic Search Ultimate
Learn how to search Academic Search Ultimate for scholarly and popular articles across disciplines.

Searching news content in Nexis Uni
Practice finding news items in Nexis Uni, including keyword searching, evaluation of results, and advanced search features.

Searching JSTOR
Learn how to find and evaluate articles using JSTOR. 

Searching Web of Science
Learn how to find articles and analyze citation data in Web of Science. 

Writing & citing

Accidental plagiarism
Learn how accidental plagiarism happens and how to avoid it.

Building MLA citations
Create and practice building citations according to MLA style.

Citation guide
See examples of how to use APA, MLA, Chicago, and subject-specific citation styles.