Scholarly communication

The system of scholarly communication encompasses the broader academic process and includes research services, materials development, and publication of work.

We can assist you in managing your scholarly identity, navigating the intricacies of copyright, exploring and publishing as open access content, and in creating your own online journal. Let us help you advance your scholarship. 

Scholarly identity

Managing your online scholarly profiles and ensuring accurate reporting of your scholarly activities is essential for sharing your research contributions with the world. Want to establish an ORCID? Want to migrate your scholarly activity data across platforms such as UA Profiles, UA Vitae, or SciENcv? Let us help!

Contact Maliaca Oxnam to learn how to manage your research profiles like UA Profiles, UA Vitae, and ORCID.

Digital scholarship

Digital scholarship is an interdisciplinary endeavor, one that embraces novel means of discovery and analysis. It encompasses methods of research and inquiry that use digital media and technologies in some way, or uses them to ask new scholarly questions. This includes works that are born digital, as in digital text and images, music, art and data sets. Digital scholarship is relevant to all disciplines and is often interdisciplinary in nature. Data visualization, GIS, textual analysis, data management, research computing, digital humanities and digital publishing are all ways that support digital scholarship for campus. Contact Jennifer Nichols to get started.

Open access publishing

Share your research more broadly through open access publishing. We can help you navigate the UA's Open Access Policy, learn about open access publishing options, and apply for funding to cover publishing charges.

Copyright consultation

Wondering about your intellectual property rights? Or do you have questions about Creative Commons and open licensing? We can help you navigate copyright issues and fair use.

See understanding copyright and contact Ellen Dubinsky for a personal consultation.

Journal publishing

Looking to start a new online journal? Or do you want to move your journal online? We can help with journal publishing. We publish and host several journals produced by the campus community. We support both open access and subscription journal options.