Data services & geospatial support

We can help you develop, manage, and distribute your research data. From writing a data management plan to visualizing your research and making it available to others, our librarians and specialists can partner with you every step of the way. Let us know how we can support your research.

Data management support

Are you working on a grant proposal and need help writing a data management plan? Or do you have questions about the best way to share, distribute, and provide access to data from your research project? We can help.

See our data management website.

GIS & geospatial data

Do you need help finding, building, or sharing geospatial data? How about questions related to GIS software and platforms? Want to schedule a GIS workshop? No matter what you need in GIS, we want to help.

See our guide to GIS & Geospatial Data

Metadata development

Ensuring the reusability and longevity of your digital files requires effective description and organizational principles. We can help you make robust metadata that will maximize the discoverability of your scholarly work.

Data visualization & analysis

Do you need help with using your data to tell a story? Have questions about getting started in R or python? Want to schedule a Software or Data Carpentry workshop? We can help with computational literacy resources and training.

Contact Jeff Oliver to get started.