U.S. Geological Survey public access policy

What do I need to submit to USGS?

For journal articles and USGS series publications resulting from awards made for proposals submitted, or due, on or after October 1, 2016, the final accepted version of the accepted manuscript must be submitted.

Do I have the rights to submit this?

The federal government claims a license to exercise all rights under copyright to use a federally-funded work for federal purposes, including depositing works resulting from USGS-funded research in an open access repository. In general, publisher policies allow authors to comply with USGS policy, though they often require a delay in making publications available. With this in mind, USGS allows for an embargo of public access to such works up to twelve months after publication. However, they also require that the metadata about the journal article be publicly available at the time of publication.

Where do I submit this?

Accepted manuscripts of journal articles resulting from USGS funded research should be provided to the USGS project scientist responsible for the USGS funded extramural research, who will place the publication into the USGS Information Product Data System (IPDS) dark archive.

Working with the journal publisher, USGS will either link to the publishers’ version of the article, where they will make the article publicly available, or post the manuscript version in the USGS Publications Warehouse no later than twelve months after publication. 

When do I need to submit this?

Journal articles resulting from USGS funding should be submitted to IPDS once they are accepted for publication.

How do I submit required publications?

Contact the USGS project scientist responsible for the funded extramural research.

More Information

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