Department of Education public access policy

The majority of Department of Education grants supporting research and development come from the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). This guide covers the policy and procedures for the IES.

What do I need to submit to IES?

Peer-reviewed scholarly publications resulting from IES funding should be submitted once they are accepted for publication.

Do I have the rights to submit this?

The federal government claims a license to exercise all rights under copyright to use a federally-funded work for federal purposes, including depositing works resulting from Department of Education funded research in an open access repository. In general, publisher policies allow authors to comply with Department of Education policy, though they often require a delay in making publications available. With this in mind, the Department of Education allows for an embargo of public access to such works up to twelve months after publication. However, they also require that the metadata about the publication be publicly available at the time of publication.

Where do I submit this?

Upload accepted manuscripts of journal articles resulting from IES funded research to the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC). ERIC is the U.S. Department of Education’s database for education research.  The system is searchable and available to the public.

When do I need to submit this?

Publications resulting from IES funding should be submitted through ERIC as soon as possible once they are accepted for publication.

How do I submit required publications?

Access the ERIC submission process, review the requirements, and follow the submission wizard to upload your publication.

Login credentials are not required. Before submitting your publications, you will need:

  • Your Department of Education grant or contract number
  • DOI or article metadata for the publication
  • Copy of the of the publication in PDF format

See additional information on submission.

More information

U.S. Department of Education Plan and Policy Development Guidance for Public Access

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Contact: Public Access Working Group