Request a purchase

Suggest we add a book, film, database, or other item to our collection, and take a look at our collection purchasing parameters.  We are an access-oriented library. We may provide that access through purchase, licensing, interlibrary loan, or other mechanisms, depending on availability, cost, and need. We still acquire content in print rather than, or in addition to, a digital format when there's a significant need that outweighs the expanded access that a digital copy allows (including accessibility for the print disabled). You can also borrow print books through interlibrary loan. If the need is ongoing, you can request that we buy a print copy and add it to our collection.

We default to digital when it is available, but let us know if you need print. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us to let you know we received your request and we’ll notify you when a decision has been made. If we're unable to acquire the item, contact us to discuss other options. If you are looking for instructor course instruction options, you can check for ebook availability, or request streaming video for course instruction. The library provides dozens of streaming video databases for course use.