Free Access to The New York Times online provided by University of Arizona Libraries

Monday, October 17, 2022

University of Arizona faculty, students, and staff can now access The New York Times online for free through a subscription provided by the University of Arizona Libraries (UAL). Access includes more than 150 years of articles, breaking news, multimedia content, Times newsletters, and the International, Spanish, and Chinese editions of the Times.

Students will have access through December 31 of their graduation year, while faculty and staff will need to renew their access every four years. Visit the Libraries’ NYT online guide to learn how to set up your free account. "This is a great resource for journalism students and educators, but also for students, faculty, and researchers from all disciplines," Dr. Jessica Retis, Director of the UA School of Journalism, said.

“Newspapers and news media are excellent sources of information,” Mary Feeney, UAL News Research Librarian and Liaison Librarian for History, Journalism, and Gender & Women’s Studies, said. “The scope of coverage in The New York Times makes it an invaluable resource for teaching and research, and for being informed citizens. While the library already provides access to the digitized newspaper archive, this new access to The New York Times online also includes web-only stories, multimedia, podcasts, and much more.”

Additional resources include The New York Times in Education and The Learning Network with lesson plans and teaching ideas to support learning with The New York Times.