Archive Tucson oral history spotlight: South Park, 1960s

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Our oral historian and digital media producer Aengus Anderson has spent the past five years and logged more than 450 hours recording the city's stories. He's interviewed more than 100 people—and counting. "It's most exciting for me when I'm talking to someone, and I realize none of this is in the record somewhere else," Anderson said.

South Park, 1960s

In the mid-20th century, when racist deed restrictions and redlining were still common, South Park was one of Tucson's three Black neighborhoods. Richard Davis describes a neighborhood rich in community spirit and wholly neglected. These conditions inspired a resident named Quincie Douglas to found the city's first ride-share program to make transportation available to South Park residents without cars. The service was so successful, it was later taken over by the City of Tucson and is now known as SunVan.