Software Preservation 101

The University of Arizona Software Preservation Interest Group (UA-SPIG), your colleagues at the University of Arizona Libraries (UAL), and the Learning Games Initiative Research Archive (LGIRA) invite you to come learn the basics of software preservation, including the what, why, and how of preserving video games, historical software, and research code. The goal is to inform new UA-SPIG members and other interested individuals about what software preservation is all about so as to be able to have more fruitful discussions via the UA-SPIG and beyond.

About the group: The newly formed UA-SPIG aims to facilitate a community of practice at the University that fosters discussion around and illuminates challenges related to software preservation—that is, the preservation of video games, research code, or other software having historical significance, importance in the context of specific projects (e.g., retaining the ability to open important files), or for the purpose of research reproducibility. Membership is open to all.

January 14, 2019, 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
ENR2 215