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Practical Steps for Increasing Openness and Reproducibility

An Introduction to OSF

Speaker: Ian Sullivan, Transparency and Openness Training Coordinator, Center for Open Science

There are many actions researchers can take to increase the openness and reproducibility of their work. Please join us for a workshop, hosted by the Center for Open Science, to learn easy, practical steps researchers can take to increase the reproducibility of their work. The workshop will be a hands-on introduction to the Open Science Framework (OSF). Using example studies, attendees will actively participate in creating a reproducible project from start to finish.

Topics covered:

  • Project documentation
  • Version control
  • Pre-Analysis plans
  • Open source tools like the Center for Open Science’s OSF to easily implement these concepts in a scientific workflow.

This workshop is aimed at graduate students, postdocs, and faculty across disciplines, who are engaged in quantitative research. The workshop does not require any specialized knowledge of programming. Participants will gain a foundation for incorporating reproducible, transparent practices into their current workflows. 

Attendees will need to bring their own laptop in order to fully participate.

There will be two sessions: a morning and afternoon session. Both sessions will consist of substantially the same content.

March 30, 2018, 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Drachman Hall A120