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Lunch Presentation & Book Signing with Marin Sardy

Author of The Edge of Every Day: Sketches of Schizophrenia

Join the Health Sciences Library and College of Medicine Office of Curricular Affairs for a lunch presentation, discussion and book signing featuring author Marin Sardy. Sardy will be a panelist at the 2020 Tucson Festival of Books for her work The Edge of Every Day: Sketches of Schizophrenia. Lunch will be provided, but space is limited. Please call 520-626-8074 to RSVP.

Marin Sardy's extraordinarily affecting, fiercely intelligent memoir unflinchingly traces the path of the schizophrenia that runs in her family. Against the starkly beautiful backdrop of Anchorage, Alaska, where the author grew up, Marin Sardy weaves a fearless account of the shapeless thief⁠—the schizophrenia⁠—that kept her mother immersed in a world of private delusion and later manifested in her brother, ultimately claiming his life. Composed of exquisite, self-contained chapters that take us through three generations of this adventurous, artistic, and often haunted family, The Edge of Every Day draws in topics from neuroscience and evolution to the mythology and art rock to shape its brilliant inquiry into how the mind works. In the process, Sardy casts new light on the treatment of the mentally ill in our society. Through it all runs her blazing compassion and relentless curiosity, as her meditations take us to the very edge of love and loss⁠—and invite us to look at what comes after.

March 13, 2020, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm