Technology Strategy & Services

Technology Strategy & Services (TeSS) serves the library's technology needs. Our staff members develop software, websites, and other tools to support access to library resources, research, and teaching. We also provide technological infrastructure and technical support services to library departments and patrons.

Departmental key contacts

Library Technology Operations

Our Library Technology Operations group provides support for library employees workstations and peripheral devices, technical and audiovisual assistance for events, deployment and maintenance for public workstations and technology lending, and consultation for technology-rich spaces in the library. The group also includes support for library service platforms, including technology for our cataloging, discovery, and interlibrary loan services.

Software Development & Delivery

Our Software Development & Delivery group provides infrastructure support, software development, and production support for digital collections and preservation, instruction and research tools, and library websites. The group includes four skill teams for service management, web design, application development, and platform engineering.