Responding to COVID-19

Chat and email with us from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week! The Weaver Library is open Sunday through Friday 9am-9pm, and we’re providing limited services in the Main Library lobby. The Health Sciences Library is open to Health Sciences affiliates. Learn more about access during COVID-19.

Donation of materials

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Note: Until further notice,
Friends of the Pima County Library
do not accept public donations.

As a general rule, the UA Libraries do not accept gifts of books or other non-archival materials. We do make exceptions, however, when they meet all of the following conditions:

  1. They're valuable, unique, or specialized,
  2. They would meet known research or instructional needs at the UA, and
  3. They're not easily available to us through partner libraries (e.g., interlibrary loan).

We'll also consider content that could enhance our Special Collections or important content that was produced by members of our UA community. Please contact one of our librarians if you have questions or if you have gift books you'd like us to consider.

If you have materials you'd like to donate that don't meet the above criteria, we recommend contacting the Friends of Pima County Library.