Technology study rooms

Students working in a technology study room

Need to present or collaborate on a big monitor, or need a reliable computer for a Skype interview? Use our technology study rooms.

Practice a presentation or do video chat in Main A120 or Science-Engineering 214, which include:

  • Windows desktop computer plus large, wall-mounted LCD monitor
  • Built-in cameras and microphones
  • Skype and other video chat programs
  • Software to record and playback your presentation

Or display multiple laptop screens at one of our laptop collaboration stations in Main 108D and 108E.

Many of our group study rooms also have wall-mounted LCD monitors that can connect to single laptops. All study rooms have whiteboards.

How to access

Each reservation can be up to 4 hours and bookings can be made up to 120 days in advance. You can hold multiple reservations each week (up to 24 hours of total reserved time).

Your reservation will be canceled after 15 minutes of reserved time if no one in the group is present. Rooms are available first come, first served when not reserved.

Varies depending on room selected.