Collaborative learning spaces

Instructor standing among students working in groups at several tables

Engage your students in hands-on, problem-based learning. This flexible, technology-rich space is designed to inspire collaboration and experiential learning on a large scale. It was the first of several collaborative learning spaces on campus.

We encourage creative uses of the room when classes aren't scheduled (evenings and weekends). We've hosted events such as Hack Arizona, Arizona Migrahack, and Start-Up Weekend.

How to access

If you are interested in teaching in the Science and Engineering Library‚Äôs Collaborative Learning Space, you may check its availability using this semester schedule.  To request using the space for other types of activities, please submit a room request.

If you have questions about this space, please contact Jane Hunter for more information . When not in use, students are welcome to use the space for studying.

Multiple large displays, teaching station, wireless microphones, surround sound
Capacity:  50-260