Self-publishing & book printing

We can print and bind your book in minutes with our Espresso Book Machine. This on-demand book maker creates a library-quality paperback.

Check out our video demo on our YouTube channel.

What can I print?


  • A book or other original work that you wrote
  • Between 40-800 pages in black & white (book cover in color)
  • Minimum size is 4.5" × 5.5"; max is 8" × 10.5"; most common is 6" × 9"

On-demand books:

How much does self-publishing cost?

$5 one-time setup, $2.50 for a book cover, plus:

Number of pagesCost per page
B/W (white paper)
Cost per page
B/W (cream paper)
Color prints

We can also bind a previously printed book for just $4.

Customization options: $5 per file for file conversion and $25 per hour for consultation. Cover design $50 for initial and $25/hour thereafter.

You can register your book with an ISBN and place a barcode on the back cover for $35.

Standard rates for shipping may apply.

All sales are final.

How do I use the self-publishing service?

  1. Format your file following the submission requirements.
  2. Fill out the self-publishing form.
  3. Make an appointment with us at (520) 621-6411 or

You can pick up your printed book from us or we can ship orders via UPS or FedEx.