Print & scan


Type of printCost
Basic printing (8½ x 11") from our computers or your own device using CATPRINTS kiosks $0.10 for B/W, $1.00 for color; pay with CatCa$h or credit card
Poster and specialty printing at our Express Document CenterVaries
Self-publishing and book printing at our Express Document CenterVaries

3D printing – create objects from digital models

$0.10 per gram of filament


Type of scanCost
Basic, self-serve scan at any library Free to UA students, faculty, and staff; available to public at Main Library
Overhead book scanners (Main and Science-Engineering Libraries)Free to everyone
Scanning at Express Document Center (varied formats and sizes)Varies 
Archival quality digitizing at the Express Document CenterVaries based on the project
Article or book chapters scans sent to your emailFree to UA students, faculty, and staff
3D scanning – borrow a 3D scanner at the Main and Science-Engineering LibrariesFree to UA students, faculty, and staff