Metadata services

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Partner with us to create metadata ("data about data") that improves discoverability, reusability, and long-term sustainability of your research and scholarship.

Contact metadata librarian Erik Radio to get started.

Documentation & description

Create effective metadata and documentation that describes your unique research and scholarly output, ranging from datasets and code to digital collections.

Data modeling & system integration

Modeling your universe of scholarship is vital to integrating it into the system that will use it. Learn how to optimize your system with ontology design and data modeling.

Linked data strategy & support

Incorporate your scholarly work into the linked data environment and improve its discoverability. Decide which linked data strategy is more effective given your current system architecture.

Web data scraping & wrangling

Learn how to eloquently harvest data and metadata through APIs, or how to scrape data from different providers for use in new research.

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Metadata librarian

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