About video streaming

If you would like to show a film in your class, whether it's one we already own or need to buy, we can investigate streaming options. This is a service for UA faculty and instructors.

Request a streaming video

How can I prepare for my course?

  1. Request a D2L course page if you don't already have one (only the primary instructor listed in UAccess can submit D2L requests). 
  2. Request a streaming video. Requests are prioritized by the "date needed by" that is specified in the form.

Where can I access the streaming video?

Once your request is processed we will add the streaming video directly to your D2L course page through the Panopto system (UA Tools > Panopto). Students can then access the videos from any device, on and off campus.

Can I reuse videos in future semesters?

Yes! Videos in the Panopto system never expire. You can copy the videos from one D2L course site to another:

  1. Sign in to the new D2L course page.
  2. Create the Panopto folder for the new course by selecting UA Tools > Panopto. (See Modifying an Existing Navigation Bar if you don’t see UA Tools in the Navbar).
  3. On the far left-side, select the old course folder that has the film(s) you want to copy.
  4. Check the boxes next to the video(s) you wish to copy.
  5. Select the Copy button at the top of the window. 
  6. Select the new course folder you want to copy the videos(s) to.
  7. Click on the green Copy button that appears next to the selected folder. 

For films used before Spring 2015, please submit a new request

What can be streamed?

We can digitize and stream many items from the library's collection, including VHS and DVDs. We are happy to purchase titles we do not own if they are available. Some VHS copies may be difficult to digitize, but we'll purchase a DVD version if available.

Personal copies can be digitized and streamed in some cases depending on whether you own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder (including works created by your students). You may want to contact our copyright librarian.

How do I use Panopto?

Learn more about using the Panopto viewer and computer requirements. The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is required (Silverlight may also be needed for videos added prior to Summer 2015). The 24/7 IT Support Center is available to help you install Flash or activate Silverlight.

Can I see examples of video streaming in Panopto?

Yes! These examples give you an idea of how videos work in the Panopto viewer.

Can I show just clips from a film?

Yes. Request the film and then use the editing tools within Panopto.  

Contact us

Questions about our video streaming service:
Contact us by email
By phone: (520) 621-6438

Questions about video playback, Panopto or D2L:
Contact 24/7 IT Support Center 
By phone: (520) 626-TECH