About video streaming

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Changes in how to request video streaming!

All Fall 2018 video requests should have been submitted with your other required course materials as part of the UA BookStores’ textbook adoption process. To learn more about the process, choose your campus location and access your account with your NetID.

If you missed the March 17 deadline for submitting Fall 2018 adoptions, use the request a streaming video form to submit your requests directly to the library as soon as possible. If we're unable to provide free access to the video for students, but you don't want students to be required to buy access themselves (i.e., you plan to show a DVD in class instead), let us know in the form's notes field.

How can I prepare for my course?

  1. Request a D2L Brightspace course page if you don't already have one (only the primary instructor listed in UAccess can submit D2L requests). 
  2. Request a streaming video. Requests are prioritized by the "date needed by" that is specified in the form.

How will I be notified whether requested videos are available?

We will notify instructors by email. If requested films are available from the library, we'll provide links to the videos (see instructions for adding links to D2L). If they aren’t, we’ll provide links to other low-cost options for students. 

Do I need to submit video requests every semester/session?

Yes, if you plan to use video in your course, you need to submit a new request for all videos every semester/session (even if you've used the videos before). Some of our video content can only be licensed for limited periods of time and we need to ensure that our license covers your term.

Can I use videos previously streamed through Panopto?

No. Changes in the commercial marketplace mean that further use of this streaming content violates U.S. Copyright Law. For Fall 2018 and later classes, we recommend you delete any videos you currently have saved in Panopto and submit a new request.

What can be streamed?

We can digitize and stream many items from the library's collection, including VHS and DVDs. We are happy to purchase titles we do not own if they are available. Some VHS copies may be difficult to digitize, but we'll purchase a DVD version if available.

Personal copies can be digitized and streamed in some cases depending on whether you own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder (including works created by your students). You may want to contact our copyright librarian.

How can I find out what film titles the library already has in streaming format?

Browse our streaming video databases. You can also use library search to find known titles.

What if I want to use a DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS?

All computers in centrally scheduled classrooms have DVD readers. If you need either Blu-ray or VHS, request that through Classroom Technology Services (621-3852). If you're teaching in a department- or college-controlled room, please check with the supporting college IT department to understand what your options are for using a DVD or Blu-ray player.

Contact us

Technical questions about our video streaming service:
Contact us by email
By phone: (520) 621-6438

Questions about the new policy for fall 2018:
Contact your librarian
By phone: (520) 307-2771

Questions about video playback or D2L Brightspace:
Contact 24/7 IT Support Center 
By phone: (520) 626-TECH