iSpace staff

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Photo of Rachel Castro

Rachel Castro

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in 3D printing and design, basic coding, creative writing, illustration, filmmaking, baking, and diy furniture hacks.

Current projects: I am expanding my knowledge of coding and VR applications for design projects, and hope to find new ways of supporting and encouraging beginners to the maker community.

Photo of Feng Chen

Feng Chen
Graduate Assistant, Department of East Asian Studies

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in Digital humanities applications, VR navigation, and game studies. 

Current projects: I'm working on Arc-GIS applications and storytelling mapping.

Photo of Vicki Lazaro

Vicki Lázaro

Skills/knowledge: I have former experience working within the world of tech, non-profit, human resources, art, and marketing for many years.

Current projects: I'm working on helping manage the iSpace, program development, marketing, and tours. 

Photo of Maggie Melo

Maggie Melo
Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in 3D modeling, 3D printing, sewing, rapid prototyping, and e-textiles.

Current projects: I'm planning the next Google Women Techmakers Hackathon, where I am the lead organizer. 

Nassem Navab-Gojrati
Graduate Assistant, School of Art

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing, sewing, knitting, and crocheting.

Current projects: This year I hope to help with bridging the use of emerging technology and art. 

Photo of Jenn Nichols

Jennifer Nichols
Librarian/Co-Lead of iSpace

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in design thinking, innovation tools, sewing, and paper-making.

Current projects: I'm planning the next Friday Tech Talks, finding faculty and campus partners to use the iSpace, and developing a digital project about Tucson murals.

Photo of Sam Rodriguez

Sam Rodriguez
Graduate Assistant, School of Art

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in 3D Modeling. 3D Printing, VR navigation, augmented reality, and sewing.

Current projects: I am working on inventing a holographic assistant for iSpace using Cortana/Siri, creating a menu for iSpace materials. and establishing a waiver template for locker rental.

Photo of Anthony Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez
Librarian/Co-Lead of iSpace

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in soldering, 3D scanning, basic VR game design, sound design and recording, and multimedia production.

Current projects: I am researching the educational impact of VR technologies. This includes establishing iSpace learning communities of practice centered around VR and/or multimedia production.

Anna Streight
Library Information Associate, Sr.

Skills/knowledge: I am skilled in 3D printing, 3D scanning, sewing, e-textiles, knitting,  and crocheting. I also have basic knowledge of 3D modeling, laser cutters and VR applications.

Current projects: I am planning for the impending arrival of our laser cutter and learning how to use the CNC machine.