About Summon

Diagram showing the content Summon indexes, including our library catalog, most of our article databases, digital collections.

Summon is the primary search tool on the library homepage. Summon provides easier access to full-text articles and allows you to quickly search almost all of the library’s resources at once. Summon’s index of more than one billion items includes:

  • The UA Libraries’ complete catalog
  • Most of our database content (such as JSTOR, Web of Science and ScienceDirect)
  • Unique collections (such as digitized items from Special Collections and the UA Campus Repository)
  • Open access materials
  • Other libraries’ digital collections

When should I use Summon?

Summon is great for:

  • Accessing full text online
  • Searching by article title
  • Starting research on an unfamiliar topic
  • Doing interdisciplinary research
  • Finding scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles

What are the advantages of using Summon?

  • One-stop search for almost all library materials
  • Search the full text of articles and books (even books we only have in print)
  • Direct access to material
  • Ability to limit search by online access, library location and discipline
  • Allows saving and exporting of records

Should I always use Summon?

Summon is a great starting place for research, but sometimes you will need more specialized tools. If you're not finding the materials you want in Summon, try our list of databases. The catalog is also the best place to look for books in our collection.

Where can I get help?

For search tips, instructions on how to save and export records, and an online tutorial, visit Help with Summon. You can also see our Summon FAQ or ask a question of your own.