Reading history

You can enable your account to save a history of all the materials you check out from the library. This includes books, DVDs, CDs that you have checked out and returned. Interlibrary loan items aren't recorded—access your ILLiad account to see those items.

Enable reading history

By default, your account does not keep track of items you checked out once you've returned them. To turn on this feature:

  1. Sign in to your library account.
  2. Select Reading History.
  3. Select Opt In.

The catalog system will start saving a list of titles that you check out after you select Opt In. Anything that you checked out before you started saving your history will not be on the list, even if you renew the items.

Export your reading history

  1. When viewing your reading history, select Export Reading History.
  2. Specify an option under "Format of list"
  3. Specify an option under "Send list to" (email, screen, save to disk).
  4. Select Submit.

You can also export directly to RefWorks by selecting the Export to RefWorks button in the "Format of list" area.

Delete or disable reading history

You can delete titles on your list by selecting Delete next to the title. 

To disable reading history, delete all the titles in your reading history then select Opt Out.

If your library account is deleted, your reading history will still be stored on our server unless you deleted it. We recommend you delete it before you lose access to your account.

Privacy information

Your reading history information is stored on the library's server. If we are served with a subpoena, reading history information might have to be surrendered to law enforcement officials. For more information, see our privacy statement.