Katheryne B. Willock Library Research Award

Win $1000 just for using the library! This annual award recognizes students making extensive use of library services and resources. All you have to do is complete a research project, participate in the Student Showcase, and write an essay telling us how the library made your life easier.

We award up to three undergraduate and three graduate students/teams with $1000 each. That will buy a lot of coffee. Or perhaps you'd prefer to spend your winnings on a relaxing vacation after hitting the books all semester.

Need some inspiration? See winning essays and posters from previous years.

2018 winners

Congratulations to our 2018 Katheryne B. Willock Library Research Award recipients: Ayumi Epona Pottenger, Aida Jerair Siyahian, Evelyn R. Pickering, Patrick James Campbell ​​​​​​, and John He.

Willock Award Winners

How do I apply?

Submissions are now closed. Please check back in Fall 2018.

UA graduate and undergraduate students can apply as individuals or teams. To apply, you'll need to: 

  1. Plan to participate in the Student Showcase.
  2. Use the library in your coursework or research.
  3. Write a 300-500 word an essay describing how you used the library as part of your project. 
  4. Fill out the Student Showcase Application and look for the browse feature to upload your essay to be considered for the Willock Library Research Award. 

What are the rules?

  • Submissions must be related to the project you submit for the Student Showcase.
  • Each student or team can submit just one application per award year.
  • Winning essays will be featured on the library website and posters may be archived in our campus repository.

What should I cover in my essay?

As you write your essay, consider:

  • How did the library’s resources and librarians help you develop your ideas for the Showcase project?
  • How would you describe the process you used to find sources?
  • What did you learn about conducting research, including finding and evaluating sources?
  • What discoveries did you make about library tools, services, collections, or research techniques?
  • Was there a particular service or resource you found most useful?
  • What lessons did you learn about the research process?

How are applications evaluated?

Judges from the Libraries will determine winners based primarily on how well your essay demonstrates:

  • Extensive and innovative use of library services and resources (e.g. books or ebooks, journals, databases, interlibrary loan, study spaces, technology lending, 3D printing)
  • Evidence of significant personal growth in learning and development of research skills that will help in your future career/studies
  • Exceptional ability to:
    • determine information needs
    • evaluate and analyze information
    • manage, organize, and synthesize information
    • apply information in the context of the research project
    • use information responsibly by providing appropriate and accurate citations and credit

For more details, see the essay judging matrix

How/when am I notified if I'm a winner?

If you are a finalist, we will contact you before the Student Showcase to let you know that a team of judges from the Libraries will be visiting your poster. Awards will be presented at the close of the Student Showcase. You will also be invited to a lunch hosted by the Vice Dean of Libraries.

How is this award funded?

The late Katheryne (Kate) Willock generously endowed this award. Kate received her undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and taught a course in biology at the University of Arizona. She spent several years as Assistant Territorial Archaeologist in the US Virgin Islands and conducted archaeological fieldwork in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Vieques, the US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, Antigua, and the southwestern United States. Kate was an ardent supporter of the University Libraries and was vocal in championing the value the library brings to campus. 

What else should I know?

The award might affect your financial aid, so consult your financial aid advisor.

As the author of the essay, you retain copyright. It is your responsibility to get permission from copyright holders for images, media, or extended quotes you incorporate. Cite your sources. Images taken from copyrighted or licensed resources cannot be published beyond the UA community without permission.

For all other questions, contact GPSC's Events Director.